Volunteer Calendar

Our volunteer calendar will include activities and events that we may need volunteers for.

If there are other areas we have not listed that you would like to volunteer for, please contact Jenny Taylor体育投注开户 at (928) 387.8051.

  • Volunteer Calendar - coming soon

Volunteers Needed

Pima Unified School District is looking for volunteers in the following areas:

  • Classroom assistance
  • Classroom filing
  • Listening to kids read
  • Grant writing
  • Photocopying
  • Crosswalk duty
  • Classroom maintenance
  • School-wide activities
  • Sports
  • PE, music, and art at elementary

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Jenny Taylor体育投注开户 at (928) 387.8051.

Current Volunteers

体育投注开户Please take a moment to view our latest crew of volunteers. They are very dedicated, and we are always so appreciative of their time and commitments.

  • Cody Marshall does P.E. for Mrs. Thompson's 2nd grade class.
  • Misti Myler, Jessica McWhorter, Courtney Skinner, and Bonnie Richardson help in Mrs. Hunt's class.
  • Melanie Gann helps in Mrs. Fisher's classroom, and Diana Logan does P.E. with Mrs. Fishers class.
  • Marcy Beus is the Jr. high track volunteer.
  • Jace Nelson does the 4th–6th elementary choir.
  • Richie and Melanie Gann clean elementary classrooms.